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Close collaboration with BUA project „Berlin Open Science Platform“ (BOS)

The Berlin Mobility Data Hub has established a close cooperation with another project funded by the Berlin University Alliance (BUA), the „Berlin Open Science Platform“ (BOS), coordinated by the Quality and Usability Lab of TU Berlin. In similarity to our project, BOS aims to establish a data platform that gathers and integrates available data within the BUA. Beyond that, the platform aims to provide analytical features within the platform. Despite our project having a more specific thematic focus (mobility & transport), we regularly meet with the BOS project team in order to exchange ideas on the technical side of developing our platforms.

Acquisition of longitudinal data set (Covid-19 and Mobility in Berlin)

The project team has acquired a highly interesting data set consisting of longitudinal data from individual Berlin-based app users who tracked their daily mobility with the help of the MotionTag technology. These data comprise of about 200.000 user days in the period 01/2019-03/2021 that allow us a) to analyse users‘ change of mobility patterns during the Corona crisis, and b) to feed the Berlin Mobility Data Hub with highly relevant data. In short, besides the analytical value of gaining more insights how Berliners changed their everyday mobility in pandemic times, the acquisition of this data set will act as a showcase for illustrating the functional potential of the hub itself.

Stay tuned for more on this!